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Author  Peter Katsionis
Publication Date   March 6, 2011
Pages  394


Ancient Greece...a time of heroes

The city-states of Greece find themselves on the cusp of a forced unity as Philip, Alexander's father and the Macedonian king, sets out to create a single Hellenic nation. Against this background is told the story of Dioxippus, a fighter in the deadliest bare hand fighting of all time, the pankration, who will become so famous that his name lives on today.

The novel begins with the teenager, Dioxippus, trying hard to shed the shackles of slavery. He has been promised freedom in return for fighting in the pankration and his trainer and mentor, Piros, a freeborn man of color, is eager to aid his young charge.

Political events, horrid pasts and family dysfunction all come together to create a tumultuous and very dangerous Greece. Amidst this chaos rises Dioxippus. Paralleling this emergence is Alexander, the son of Philip and soon to be conqueror of

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