Drago and the Druids' Gold


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Author  William Keays
Publisher  Th Allt Publishing
Publication Date   February 20, 2011
Pages  304


A story of the Year of the Four Emperors, 69 AD. Drago, born a Briton but brought up as a Roman, is sent by the future Emperor Vespasian to locate the source of the Druids' gold in Britain. His mission is deduced by the sadistic Porcius, henchman of the rival Emperor, Vitellius. Not only has Drago got to evade pursuit by Porcius but also to inveigle himself into the confidences of the British leaders. To add to his troubles he must fulfill his promise to Naomi, sacrificial victim of the British priest-warriors, to rescue her and return her to Jerusalem. A story of conflicting loyalties. To be King of the British, or to be faithful to the oath of allegiance to Vespasian and Rome; SPQR?

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