Translation of the Ancient Chinese The Book...


Translation of the Ancient Chinese The Book of Burial Zang Shu by Guo Pu 276-324

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Author  Juwen Zhang
Publisher  The Edwin Mellen Press
Publication Date   October 19, 2017
ISBN  0779925718


The Book of Burial defined fengshui for the first time: it integrated various local beliefs and practices into the dominant Confucian tradition. It is, therefore, key to any understanding of Chinese culture. Based on the edition of the Book of Burial (Zang Shu) most popular during the last millennium, this translation makes available the text that links the widespread Chinese practice of fengshui (geomancy) to the fundamental beliefs and moral principles of Chinese culture. This annotation and commentary serve to place the text and the history of burial ritual in the proper cultural context. The translator's introduction, which explores the questions of the interaction between elite and folk culture and the continuity of tradition, suggests an interdisciplinary approach to the study of fengshui.

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