Egyptian Revenge Spells


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Publisher  Crossing Press
Publication Date   January 1, 1970


In our darkest moments,who hasn’t contemplated revenge?

Veteran spell-caster Claudia R. Dillaire turns to the dark art of Egyptian magic, revealing how rituals prac- ticed thousands of years ago just might provide the necessary catharsis for our modern times. Whether you’re looking to inspire jealousy in your ex, metaphysi-cally kick a competitor to the curb, protect yourself from those wishing you harm, or empower yourself to clear negative emotions from your life, Egyptian Revenge Spells has the perfect solution to redress the balance and restore equilibrium.

With twenty-five spells, details on ingredients such as oils and herbs, the mythologies of ancient Egyptian deities, and instructions on how to cast an effective spell, you’ll find plenty of material to help you exact revenge--but only on the truly deserving, of course. So go ahead--­embrace these modern spells, rituals, and incantations to help release your vindictive impulses and embrace your darker inclinations for some well-deserved payback.

CLAUDIA R. DILLAIRE is a practicing pagan and experienced spell-caster who has intensively studied Egyptian magic for more than ten years. She is also the author of Egyptian Love Spells and Rituals.

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