Civilization and Arts of Armenia from Pre-History...


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Author  Maximillien de Lafayette
Publisher  Times Square Press, New York, Berlin
Publication Date   January 18, 2011
Pages  208


Volume 2 from a set of 3 large volumes. This is a fabulous book, elegantly printed, large format (Size: 8.50” x 11”) containing hundreds upon hundreds of photos in color, and rare/vintage illustrations, sketches, maps and pictures. The author who is an internationally respected scholar and linguist, discusses all the aspects and facets of the history, culture and arts of Armenia from 7,000 B.C. to the present day, such as: Armenia archaic art, iconography, metallurgy, weaponry, architecture, invention, astronomy, art of war, religion, paintings, frescoes, calligraphy, dress-making, the Katchars, the Kingdom of Urartu, the Kingdom of Cilicia, and HOW THE ARMENIANS CREATED THE FIRST civilization on Earth, and brought it to Mesopotamia.

This volume contains:
Armenian dress-making
The trousseau as tradition and a status symbol
Fearing for their lives, Anatolian Christians had to dress like non-Armenians and non- Christians!.
Armenian women’s dresses (Moda) throughout the ages
The costumes of Armenian women
Did the Muslim Persians, Turks and Arabs influence women clothing style and the art of dress-making in Armenia, and Christian Asia Minor?
Women covering their faces with a veil long time before Islam entered Armenia and Christian countries
Chronology of Asia Minor/ Urartian dress-making
Women and men costumes and suits from the 9th century B.C. to the 20th century
Comparative analysis of the Armenian and ancient civilizations costumes and outfits
Babylonian kings
Upper class Babylonian men
Gallery of ancient civilizations fashion, costumes and outfits, vis a vis Armenian concepts
Apparel & accessories
The fragrance and scents
Ancient Armenians dress and costume style and its link to ancient civilizations, deities and mythological symbolism
Armenian art of ceramics, tiles and pottery
The magic of Kutahya
Armenian coinage
First Armenian coins
Coins of the Kings of Armenia
Armenian coinage from the 3rd century
Multiple denominations ranging from Tanks, Kardez, Poghs, double Trams, half trams to Takvorins
From the fall of the Artashesian dynasty to the first Armenian Republic
Classification of Armenian coinage per dynasty and kings reigns
Tigran I
Tigran II
Artavazd II
Artashes II
Tigran III
Tigran IV
Artavazd III
Tigran IV and Queen Erato
Artavazd IV
Tigran V
The Janyag art
Analogy and illustrated comparison between Armenian, Middle Eastern, European and South American styles
Irish style
Irish Guipere
Ukrainian style
Ancient Peruvian style
Palestinian style
Victorian style
American style
American Tatting
Azores style
Spanish Paraguayan style
Irish tambour embroidery style
The making of the Armenian lace
Armenian iconography and illuminated manuscripts
The creation of the Armenian Alphabet
Icons in illuminated manuscripts from the 4th century- 7th century. The classical period
Icons in illuminated manuscripts from the 9th-11th centuries. The Bagratid period
The 12th century – 14th century constitute the Zak’arid period.
Toros Roslin’s period…
Symbolism in Armenian iconography
Styles and genres of the early Armenian icons and religious manuscripts painting
Visiting the early times of Armenian art
Styles and genres of early Armenian religious manuscripts painting
The Gospel as the principal source of historical information
Gospel, 14th & 15th centuries
Contradictory religious and artistic representation of religious themes
Psychological analysis of symbolism in the art of manuscripts painting
Cilician style
Byzantine, Persian, Russian and European influences
Entering the 13th century with Toros Roslin
Entering the 14th century and the end of a golden era
Symbolism in Armenian iconography
Why do we see pagan signs, bestial symbols, animals and plants in Armenian religious iconography?.
Animal symbolism and religious interpretation by the Early Armenian Church…
From the early icons era to the pre-modern art period
Hakop Hovnatanian
Ivan Aivazovsky

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