Thoth, Architect of the Universe


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Author  Ralf Ellis
Publisher  Edfu Books
Publication Date   January 7, 2014
Pages  299


New 2015 edition.

*** Megalithic maps of the world ***

What was the purpose of all the megalithic architecture that was created all around the world during the Stone-Age? Ralf has developed a theory that each of these structures represents a map of the world, a map that may have been designed to pinpoint the location of the mythical Hall of Records. There is no difficulty in seeing these maps, at Stonehenge and Giza, one just needs a little lateral thinking. In fact, a six-year old is more likely to spot them than an adult.

Ralph also demonstrates how important the metrology of Giza was to the ancients. In fact we still use these units today, for the Great Pyramid measures 1760 cubits around the base and the Imperial Mile measures 1760 yards. Thus America in particular is still using Egyptian metrology.


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