War of Varus


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Author  Sidney E. Dean
Publisher  Transatlantic Euro-American Multimedia LLC
Publication Date   January 10, 2011
Pages  14


King Herod I. served Rome as a willing proxy ruler over Judea, alienating his Jewish subjects by supporting pagan temples, observance of Roman holidays, and sponsorship of arena games in Jerusalem. The last straw for the pious Jewish opposition was erection of a huge gilded eagle – the symbol of Roman power – above the gates to the Temple District.
When Herod died in 4 BC, Jerusalem and all Judea erupted. Pious Jews, would be Messiahs, and terrorists alike rose up, all hoping to restore Judea's liberty. Publius Quintilius Varus, Rome's governor in Syria, was tasked with suppressing the revolts and restoring order -- Rome's order -- in the land.
Varus in Syria;
Slaughter on the Temple Mount;
The Battle for Jerusalem;
Four Usurpers;
Enter Varus;
The War of Varus - the Consequences;
Appendix: From Slave to King - The Rise of Herod I.

3,500 words

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