DRAGON LADY The Evil History of China's Last...


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Author  Sterling Seagrave
Publisher  Bowstring Books
Publication Date   December 5, 2010
Pages  624


In this epic account, drawing on overlooked and previously unpublished sources, the Seagraves destroy the long-held legend that demonized Dowager Empress Cixi [Tsu Hsi] as a murderous, sex-crazed monster, and present a startling and critical "flip-side" portrait. They provide overwhelming evidence that scholars were deceived by demented counterfeiter Sir Edmund Backhouse, and two lazy and unscrupulous journalists for The Times of London, whose lies, inflammatory articles, and books enflamed and defined world opinion, wreaking havoc on China with misguided policies, Western invasions, atrocities, looting and pillaging. The Seagraves have made a brilliant career of exploding sacred cows and correcting historical falsehoods, criminality and propaganda. What emerges is a true portrait of a lonely, semi-literate figurehead, manipulated by reactionary Manchu princes. Essential reading for anyone interested in China.

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