At Table with the Lord


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Author  E. G. Lewis
Publisher  Cape Arago Press
Publication Date   November 11, 2010
Pages  128


Readers say — “A great read that makes the First Century come alive. I particularly liked the recipes”…“Everything is well-documented with surprising depth of detail. I feel like I’ve lived there alongside these ancient peoples.”…“This little book, so chocked full of information, is deeply-researched. Serious at times and humorous at others…” “A wonderful resource for the home-schooling Mom…”
Relying upon the Bible and extensive research for his popular Seeds of Christianity™ Series, E. G. Lewis presents an interesting and informative study on foods, cooking and day-to-day life in the early Christian era. All major food groups are covered with specific chapters on Spices & Herbs, Fruits & Nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Salad Greens, Fish & Fowl, Meat, Milk & Cheese, Sweets and Sweeteners, and even one on What They Didn’t Have. Includes bonus chapters on Aviculture, Apiculture, Ancient Beers and Wines, Olive Oil, Manna, the Gladiator’s Diet and lots of Recipes you can try at home.

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