The Red Cross of Gold XX


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Author  Brendan Carroll
Publisher  Brendan Carroll
Publication Date   November 10, 2010
Pages  408


The King of the woodland elves returns to a kingdom in crisis as the Knight of Death finds himself at the mercy of his former love, Queen Semiramis and she does not feel inclined to deal gently with him. Things deteriorate globally as Omar's New Order of the Temple falls victim to an unexpected foe with a familiar face. The Knight of the Golden Eagle must use his magick to help save the elves and the entire Order when they are forced to go ground in the underworld seeking sanctuary from the New Prophet of Allah. Mark must do his best to protect not only his sons and his Brothers, he must do it from behind the scenes after Semiramis wreaks revenge on him for abandoning her while also suffering from the results of yet another of Meredith's magickal disasters. Luke Andrew and Omar travel to Jerusalem, intent upon taking on the entire Fox by themselves and Paddy, along with his cousin Seamus are imprisoned after they gain an audience with the King of England.

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