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Author  Arra Avakian
Publisher  The Electric Press
Publication Date   November 1, 2010
Pages  352


ARMENIA: A Journey Through History, a book by Dr. Arra S. Avakian, presents the reader a wealth of information about the Armenian people, their history, their significant events, their important places, and individuals who did much to make the Armenian nation what it is. The information is given in well over one hundred separate stories, each one complete in itself, concise, and easy to read and understand. Illustrations accompanying many of the vignettes lend extra vitality to the telling. Chapters Include: 1. The Land and its People, 2. Historical Events and Figures, 3. Mythology and Folklore, 4. Christianity and the Church, 5. Political Events, 6. Language and Literature, 7. Fine Arts, and 8. Other Contemporary Figures. In ARMENIA: A Journey Through History, Dr. Avakian has been able to put together an enormous amount of information. The work is highly accessible to both young and old, and is especially useful as a reference source and textbook. The individual short stories make the learning process more palatable especially to the young. Indeed, one who did not know anything about Armenia and Armenians, having read this book, could very well be considered somewhat of an expert on the topic.

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