Descent of The Goddess Ishtar Into The Lower...


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Author  M. Jastrow
Publication Date   October 29, 2010
Pages  8


Descent of the Goddess Ishtar into the Lower World
translated by M. Jastrow

A pivotal episode in the Gilgamesh saga involving the Goddess Ishtar.

To the land of no return, the land of darkness, Ishtar, the daughter of Sin directed her thought, Directed her thought, Ishtar, the daughter of Sin, To the house of shadows, the dwelling, of Irkalla, To the house without exit for him who enters therein, To the road, whence there is no turning, To the house without light for him who enters therein, The place where dust is their nourishment, clay their food.' They have no light, in darkness they dwell. Clothed like birds, with wings as garments, Over door and bolt, dust has gathered. Ishtar on arriving at the gate of the land of no return, To the gatekeeper thus addressed herself.

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