Wings of Power


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Author  Lillian Stewart Carl
Publisher  Berkley Publishing Group/Ace
Publication Date   May 1, 1989
Pages  277


What if the Trojan war had happened in India?

In a world rooted in Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian history and mythology, armies clash, magicks compete, and the gods set their pawns onto the game board. Andrion’s nephew Gard, now an adult, is only too aware that the blood of both gods and demons runs in his veins. When he steps over the line once too often, he is sent into exile, where a mad monk and a beautiful slave force him to accept his latent magical abilities. But when Gard sets out to exploit his skills in the rich valley of the Mohan, he accidentally starts a war that changes his world and that of his hosts forever.

“ interesting re-telling of an old legend. The ending is full of twists, unpredictable, with a delightful discussion of death and glory.”

—Timothy Lane, Fosfax

“ intense tale...a complex and fascinating plot...resonances between adolescent lust and mature love, between interior and exterior beauty, and between faith and skepticism underlie the story with a steely webwork of elegant thread of eroticism woven with delicacy and wit through the story...the prose is crafted with a jeweler's precision and the use of imagery is masterful. Carl may well be the finest stylist working in fantasy today.”

—Ardath Mayhar, Thrust

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