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Author  Lester Clayton Johnson
Publisher  Lester Clayton Johnson
Publication Date   February 15, 2002
Pages  88



This writing is intended to be a companion to the compiler's writing entitled Descendant Line of Sir Thomas De Moulton Leading to Abigail Webster and Her Son William Moulton and William Moulton of French Corral, California. The main body of this writing consists of a series of charts. Chart 1 traces the direct descendant line of Adam and Eve leading to Duke of Normandy Richard I (1st Duke of Normandy Rollo's grandson). Citations to "Genesis" (abbreviated Gen.) of the Old Testament have been included when deemed appropriate. Chart 2 traces the continuing descendant line from Duke of Normandy Richard I and his 1st concubine through the family De Clare to Helen Savage (who probably was the daughter of John Savage and Catherine Stanley). Chart 3 traces the continuing descendant line from the same Duke of Normandy Richard I and his wife Gunnor of Crepon through William I The Conqueror to the same Helen Savage. Chart 4 includes the descending line from Helen Savage and her husband Piers Warburton to William Moulton of French Corral, Nevada County, California. Chart 5 traces the Moulton ancestral line from William Moulton of French Corral to Robert Multon (born about 1495; died June or July, 1535, Ormesby, Norfolk County, England) and includes three further generations of possible Multon/Molton ancestors.

Biography of Lester Clayton Johnson

The author was born in San Francisco, California in 1931. He has lived in California all of his life, and has served as: elementary school music teacher; professional trumpet player and singer; CEO of his own speed reading and memory workshop corporation; attorney at law.

Credentials of author/compiler: Every reader should be concerned whether or not the compiler is qualified to perform such research and to compose this writing. Perhaps no one is truly qualified for such an endeavor, but the compiler's qualifications (or lack thereof) are as follows: Bachelor of Arts degree, Sacramento State College, January 31, 1959; Master of Arts degree, Sacramento State College, June 9, 1961; Doctor of Law (Juris Doctor) degree, Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, May 27, 1982. As a practicing attorney for many years, the compiler has spent thousands of hours performing documented research and drafting documents in the areas of business and corporate law, estate-planning law, and litigation. A more recent addition to the compiler's law practice is genealogical research—the compiler, however, is not a certified genealogist and the compiler apologizes for the lack of this certification.

February 15, 2002
Lester Clayton Johnson

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