How to Survive Chaos


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Author  RD James
Publisher  RD James
Publication Date   August 10, 2010
Pages  283


How to Survive Chaos 2013 Edition, Version 5.1


You may not realize it but we live in a society of potential cannibals. These are people without a clue on how to find or recognize food. They will wait, starving, for someone to feed them... They were never taught how to hunt or fish, let alone create fire or shelter. Their only experience with nature has been in landscaped parks or television. No matter what they may say... they are the cannibals of the future.
Things change and many times they change rapidly and without warning. The secret is to be prepared.
The new threat:
China is introducing a stable currency backed by gold. This will replace the volatile US Dollar in international trade. The dollar will immediately fall in value as everyone dumps their dollars for this new currency. The value of the US Dollar will plummet overnight. We will experience triple digit inflation and chaos.
The US Dollar could become worthless paper and the foundations of our economy could, very possibly, crumble and die. Shopping in supermarkets may become a pleasant memory from the past.
Denial is socially acceptable. Stick your head in the sand with all the other sheep. Ignorance will be almost everyone's choice. You can't blame them. Or be prepared and get your shit together.
Note: This edition was edited after the author spent the summer in the extreme heat of the Mohave Desert without air conditioning with a bicycle as transportation. A brutal test of survival and highly educational.

Table of Contents
1. An End to Babylon
2. Survival Scenarios
3. Staying Reasonably Sane
4. Trusting Others
5. Basic Information
6. Finding Shelter
7. Fire
8. Water
9. Preparing a Food Stash
10. Recognizing Food
11. Growing Food
12. Defenses
13. Subsistence Hunting
14. Catching Fish
15. Cooking with Solar
16. Solar Electricity
17. Joining a Group
18. Health Considerations
19. Emergency First Aid
20. Long Pig
21. Getting the Goods
22. The Last Resort
23. An Afterthought
24. Bibliography
Addendum 1: Useful Plants
Addendum 2: Recipes
Addendum 3: The 'X' Factor
Addendum 4: Desperate Measures

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