"Ready or Not Be Prepared" A Macro View...


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Author  Rafael Stuchiner
Publisher  Esateys and Beyond
Publication Date   September 1, 2010
Pages  93


This comprehensive eBook by Esateys includes a wide range of information about the changes in our current world situation and how all of this fits into the bigger picture of the Evolution of Mankind.

Part I The Macro View of our World Situation

Part II Practical Information on How to be Prepared for the Days that are Here and Forthcoming

The book includes detailed information about how to prepare for the various changes that are ahead and how to best support our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies during these times of great change.

Table of Contents

Part I-The Bigger Picture
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Evolution of Change
Chapter 3 The Perfect Storm
Chapter 4 The Cardinal Climax
Chapter 5 The Macro View
Chapter 6 What Now?

Part II-Practical Guidelines

Chapter 7 Preparing for Any National Emergency
Chapter 8 Staying Above the Fear
Chapter 9 Sovereign Community
Chapter 10 How to Prepare
Chapter 11 Food and Other Essentials
Chapter 12 Things that will Disappear First
Chapter 13 Helpful Links

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