Babylon Dragon


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Author  Lea Ryan
Publisher  CreateSpace
Publication Date   July 7, 2010
Pages  266


What if the only way to save every living soul was to betray the person you love most?

Karmen spent her troubled life missing something. She felt closer to death than most people, but could never figure out why. That unknown torments her most on the day her mortal life ends.

She awakens in the wasteland of Purgatory to discover that in the afterlife her name is Adrea, and she is a hunter of unredeemable souls.

But corrupt human souls aren't her only problem.

Tiamat, Babylonian goddess and queen mother of the Daemons, strives to annihilate God's order by destroying the boundaries between the living and the dead. What's worse, Adrea's mortal brother, Kyle, is somehow involved.

Adrea must strike a balance between her violent past self and who she has become before Kyle dies.

She will decide whether saving his soul is worth risking the annihilation of divine order.

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