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Author  Maximillien de Lafayette
Publisher  Times Square Press. New York
Publication Date   July 1, 2010
Pages  301


7th Edition. Book 2 of a set of 2 volumes. Maximillien de Lafayette who has studied with the Anunnaki-Ulema for 50 years, takes us on an unprecedented tour to the hidden and extraordinary world of the Anunnaki and his teachers the Anunnaki-Ulema and Enlightened Masters. He describes in detail, what he saw, what he learned, and what he is allowed to tell us, and plenty he did. The book explains in a plain language the mind-bending secrets, mysteries and secret teachings of the Masters. It includes:
1.Can we enter the Fourth Dimension, “Chabkaradi”.
2.Anunnaki /Extraterrestrials shape-shifting “Ibra-Anu”.
3.Messages sent to the Conduit “Haridu”; How to read them?
4.The war between United States military men and the Grays at Dulce Base.
5. What do we see in the First stage of the Afterlife “Hattari”?
6.Helama-Gooliim: Entities and Djinns Created by the Anunnaki, and the Ulema in Modern Times.
7.Evolution of the extraterrestrials and the human races.
8.The dividing lines of multiple and parallel dimensions. Are these lines a doorway to another life, or simply, a stargate?
9. Do the extraterrestrial Anunnaki practice sex? How do they reproduce?
10. Is it true the Grays have mastered the longevity technique, and applied it to the hybrids races they created in their genetic labs?
11. The habitat of the Hybrids. Where does the hybrids race live? On Earth, underwater, or as many have said, they live among us, and we have never noticed their presence?
12. What does happen to a person, at the moment, the “Soul” or the “Mind” leaves her/his body?
13. Anunnaki Stargates over New York and Chicago.
14. Extraterrestrial exotic weapons systems for slowing down time, and/or prolonging it indefinitely.

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