Cave of the Inca Re/Jungle Hideout/Captured...


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Author  Jeanette Windle
Publisher  Kregel Publications
Publication Date   October 22, 1990
Pages  876


Cave of the Inca Re: The Cave of the Inca Re is cursed. Anyone who goes in comes out completely crazy...if they come out at all. Jungle Hideout: Teen twins Jenny and Justin Parker love traveling with their Uncle Pete in Bolivia. When their safari is put on hold because of their uncle's business, they are sure they will be bored, until they stumble on a secret US Drug Enforcement Agency camp, and into the path of dangerous drug dealers. Captured in Colombia: Jenny and Justin must not only decide whether to trust a new friend, but they must rescue their uncle from kidnappers before a nearby volcano erupts. Mystery at Death Canyon: When the twins investigate strange happenings on an Indian reservation in eastern Montana, they find chilling answers and life-threatening danger. Secret of the Dragon Mark: When Justin and Jenny witness mysterious men in black terrorizing business owners in a local Vietnamese neighborhood, they join forces with a friend who lives in the neighborhood to expose the gang. But will they survive the threat from those who wear the dragon mark? Race for the Secret Code: The twins thought they had been through it all, until their father is accused of selling vital defense information to a Middle Eastern terrorist. With the help of a National Security agent, they must prove their father's innocence while staying ahead of the deadly men who pursue them and the secret code they hold.

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