Were Ancient Gods From Other Planets?


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Author  John McAdam
Publisher  John McAdam
Publication Date   June 12, 2010
Pages  340


How did humans break that gap to become intelligent? Is it possible that one day some caveman decided to stack one stone on top of another and then another until he had a shack to live in? How is it that right out of the nomadic way of life the Sumerians all of a sudden knew how to worship a polytheistic religion, create over 100 of the first traditions we still use today (music, writing, etc.), and of course, why were they building pyramids? Not to mention...how did they know about DNA? In their mythology, their "gods" came from the sky and told them these things...200,000 years ago!

Looking at evidence from around the world, John McAdam stakes his claim in the Ancient Astronaut Theory that it is true and that there is much more evidence than meets the eye. He also states his belief that, though ancient mythologies talked of extraterrestrials rather than gods, he does he believe in an all-powerful God. According to him, there is too much proof to deny it.

John McAdam is also the author of Enoch and the Extraterrestrials.


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