The Word Fulfilled


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Author  Bruce Judisch
Publisher  OakTara
Publication Date   June 14, 2010
Pages  352


Israel, eighth century, B.C.

A city will be obliterated in forty days, unless...

Israel. Dark forces dog a prophet's every step on his journey to deliver a message of hope to evil Assyria.

Nineveh. A girl's coming-of-age ritual goes terribly wrong, and the unlikely love of a young man becomes her only hope.

Kalhu. The Igigi, the great gods of the Assyrian pantheon, are on the move. Their omens of discontent throw a nation into turmoil, and the king and his vizier scheme to evade their wrath.

Relive the world of eighth-century B.C. with Jonah, Ianna, and Ahu-duri as three separate acts converge at a critical point on the stage of history, and God directs them to their grand finale - the fulfillment of His word.

The story you thought you knew...

An ageless tale of danger, redemption, and love

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