Following Marco Polo's Silk Road


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Author  Brian Lawrenson
Publisher  Marco Polo Press
Publication Date   December 9, 2013
Pages  346


This is the eBook version of the paperback Following Marco Polo’s Silk Road. It is a personal account of a couple’s journey as they follow the footsteps of the legendary traveller, Marco Polo. As independent travellers, they explore the lands and the people along the mythical Silk Road. This is a graphic account about the lives of the people that they met along the way. It is written with engaging humour, some historic fact and always a sense of adventure.
Updated Feb 2011

Starting in Venice the birthplace of Marco Polo, the story tells of travelling through Turkey, Syrian, Jordon, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kashmir, India, Nepal and China to eventually reach Beijing.

Travel, adventure and history: Following Marco Polo’s Silk Road is a winning combination for any globe-trotter or armchair traveller.

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