Laughter's Echo


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Author  Gina Drew
Publisher  Cyberworld Publishing
Publication Date   April 23, 2010
Pages  318


In the early 1990s beautiful young American archaeologist Caitlyn Spencer arrives on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus on a Fulbright scholarship to help excavate the Chalcolithic era site at Kaliana. Caitlyn is a celebrated American archaeologist known for “visioning” the past and finding archaeology sites almost as if by magic, and for having an unusual affinity for and understanding of the ancient worlds in which she works. When she arrives on Cyprus, these “visions” become far more than imagination. Now it’s almost as if she has lived there before, in past lives, and has lived through some of the island’s historically rich and significant intrigues.

Darker and more sinister even than the visions, a tragedy in Caitlyn’s own past revisits her in Cyprus, and she becomes embroiled in drug trafficking and arms dealing. Worse, she has no idea who she can trust . . . and her innocence could cost her her life.

Much more than just a mystery romance on a magnificent Mediterranean island, Laughter’s Echo is the first in a set of six novels covering twenty-five years of Caitlyn’s life, during which she becomes embroiled in a range of post-Cold War international crime and espionage issues.

Laughter’s Echo yields up a series of thought-provoking déjà vu snapshot visits back into history almost to the beginning of human existence. This novel offers a fascinating travelogue of a culturally and historically rich civilization, and a conundrum on what to preserve as more important to history than other eras and artifacts are in the history of humankind.

The Koniotis Mysteries Series

Each book in this series stands alone and can be read as such, but they are also all connected in various ways and form the different parts of one story.

Book One . . . . Laughter’s Echo
Book Two . . . . Salted Away
Book Three . . .Mouflon Brigade
Book Four . . . .Amathus Armageddon
Book Five . . . . Bogus Bills
Book Six . . . . . Homewrecker

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