Ancient Egypt Luxor Temple's Mosque Tomb Kv63...


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Author  Ayman Wahby Taher
Publisher  Ancient Egypt Magazine Ltd
Publication Date   November 18, 2017
Pages  66


From our Egypt Correspondent: Ayman Wahby Taher brings readers the latest news from around Egypt.
The Mosque of Abu Hagag: AE reports on the completed restoration of the tie in the heart of the Temple of Luxor.
Dental Health & Dentistry in Ancient Egypt: Roger Forshaw described how the ancient Egyptians cared (or failed to care) for their teeth.
KV-63 Update: the 2009 Season In AE's fifth article Roxanne Wilson brings us the latest news on the tomb's fascinatiny contents.
The Egypt Exploration Society: In the third of a series of articles on the work of the Egypt Exploration Society, Dr. Penny Wilson looks at the work of The Delta Survey.
The Open Air Museum at Karnak Temple: A brief look at a part of the Temple often missed by tourists.
Tutankhamun's Headrests: Jan Summers Duffy describes the unique set of headrests discovered in Tutankhamun's Tomb, some of which he may have used in life.
Per Mesut: for younger readers: Hilary Wilson looks at floors in ancient Egypt in an article entitled "Right Under Your Feet".
End Note: Tutankhamun's Trumpets. Maggie Lyons describes the trumpets found in Tutankamun's tomb and how they can still be heard. Maps of Egypt and Timeline
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