Oedipus on a Pale Horse


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Author  David Sheppard
Publisher  Tragedy's Workshop
Publication Date   February 27, 2010
Pages  490


When David Sheppard was twenty years old, he was considering a literary life, kicked off by an extensive trip to Greece, when a potentially deadly encounter with his father derailed it and set him on a different course that resulted in a career in aerospace working Space Shuttle projects and NASA missions to the outer planets. Now thirty-two years later, he fulfills that life-long dream by traveling for two and one-half months alone in Greece. He has come prepared with a thorough knowledge of ancient myth, and also an intimate knowledge of the archaeological landscape. Perhaps the most interesting part of his baggage isn’t what’s in his backpack, but the psychological baggage due to the encounter with his father, a divorce, and the disappearance of his only daughter. His purpose is to create a person mythology. Look over his shoulder as the author visits one famous archaeological site after another (Thebes, Delphi, Ithaca, Mycenae, Corinth, Santorini, Crete, Patmos, Troy, Ephesus, Aulis, Colonus, etc.).

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