Symbolic Mythology


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Author  John Martin Woolsey
Publisher  Digital Text Publishing Company
Publication Date   January 8, 2010
Pages  156


Published originally in 1917. (224 pages)

.....Hermes the wise man, was said to have invented symbols, and Thoth was the moon, the god of wisdom who invented signs and characters.
.....This symbolism is the association of ideas; it is finding the relation or correspondence of one thing to another. Representing one thing always by another which has some striking analogy or likeness or a meta-physical idea expressed by a natural or visible object, by which they sought to give these recondite mysteries a natural or conventional form. It seemed so natural to use one thing for the mirror of another. We speak of a well of life or fountain of life and call the lightening the serpent of the sky.
.....All language is but symbolism. All words ar but symbols and have no meaning themselves.
.....The god who opened the year had keys, the god who reaped the harvest of death, carried a sickle and in his night capacity the god was clothed with a spotted faun skin to resemble the stellar sky.

The Typical Resemblance and the Analysis of Symbolism and Disguise ----- The Philosopher's Stone. The New Moon of the Spring Equinox ----- The New Moon as the Cup, The Cup of Eden Hall ----- Word----- Language ----- Letters----- Runes ----- Symbol of the Bull ----- Bull Worship ----- The Moon Dog ----- The Moon Under the Symbol of a Dog ----- Hindu Vedic.

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