The Roman Collection


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Author  Suetonius
Publisher  Rampart Software Development
Publication Date   November 10, 2009
Pages  1511


If you've always been fascinated by ancient Rome, then this is must-have for you or the history buff in your life. It's got it all - love, scandal, lust, murder, jealousy, gluttony, pleasure-seeking, treachery, adultery, wars, horrific battles, and public drunkenness, to say nothing of those two bad boys - Caligula and Nero.

"Besides the abuse of free-born lads, and the debauch of married women, [Nero] committed a rape upon Rubria, a Vestal Virgin, ... gelded the boy Sporus, and endeavored to transform him into a woman ... [and] even went so far as to marry him ..."
Suetonius Tranquillus
The Twelve Caesars

"The Roman Collection" includes:
• The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius
• The Annals of Imperial Rome by Tacitus
• The Histories by Tacitus
• The Satyricon by Petronius Arbiter
• The Life of Agicola by Tacitus
• The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
• The Life of Flavius Josephus by Josephus

Do You Know? What "SPQR" on the battle standards of the Roman Legions meant?
Answer: Senatus Populus Que Romanus which means "The Senate and the People of Rome."

Do You Know? The names of the seven hills of Rome?
Answer: Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.

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