The New Stone Age in Northern Europe


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Author  John M. Tyler
Publisher  University of Michigan Library
Publication Date   April 27, 2009
Pages  380

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The dawn of history came late in Northern Europe and the morning was stormy. We see the Roman Empire strugg Hng in vain to hold back successive swarms of barbarians, pouring from a dim, misty, mysterious northland. Centuries of destruction and confusion follow; then gradually states and institutions emerge, and finally our own civilization, which, though still crude and semibarbarous, has its glories as well as its obvious defects. The growth, development, and training of these remarkable destroyers and rebuilders was slowly going on through the ages of prehistoric time. Most of the germs, and many of the determinants, of our modern institutions and civilization can be recognized in the habits, customs, and life of the Neolithic period. Hence the importance of its study to the historian and sociologist. It has left us an abundance of records, if we can decipher and interpret them. It opens with savages living on shell-heaps along theB
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