Archaeology Magazine (May / June 1998) Maya...


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Author  James Wiseman
Publisher  Archaeological Institute of America
Publication Date   September 23, 1998
Pages  84


IN THIS ISSUE INSIGHT Rethinking the "Halls of Hades" by James Wiseman MULTIMEDIA Alexander's Epic March by Eugene N. Borza AT THE MUSEUMS Playground for the Human Spirit by Ellen Herscher BOOKS Yahoos in Arabia by Neil Asher Silberman FORUM Alas, Poor Ramses by Dale M. Brown NEWSBRIEFS Mirrors to Japanese History, Statue Snatched from the Sea, Twilight of the Clans, First Mariners, Ancient Cityscape, Thessaloniki Brothel, Remapping Angkor, Cahokia Surprise, Gold Goes Home, Iceman Returns to Italy, Copán Tomb Looted, Ghoulish Boutique LIFE AND DEATH IN A MAYA WAR ZONE Within a Yucatán pyramid lie the grim traces of a violent change in rulership--the remains of a slaughtered royal family. by Charles Suhler and David Freidel THE BURNING OF HAZOR The charred ruins of a Late Bronze Age palace may yield the historical truth behind the biblical account of the conquest of the Promised Land. by Abraham Rabinovich and Neil Asher Silberman CASE OF THE GOLDEN PHIALE How a million-dollar bowl, spirited out of Italy, ended up in a packing case at U.S. Customs by Andrew L. Slayman ITALY FIGHTS BACK Aggressive efforts to staunch the flow of stolen antiquities

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