The Courtesan and the Sadhu, A Novel about...


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Author  Mysore N. Prakash Ph.D.
Publisher  Dharma Vision LLC (
Publication Date   October 2, 2008
Pages  384


Set in ancient India just after Alexander the Great's invasion, this novel takes the reader through the spiritual journey of two seekers. Kautilya, the first seeker, is a Vedic scholar very close to finding the Truth. However, his life takes an unexpected detour, and ends up building the Mauryan Empire. Although successful in re-establishing dharmic value in the Indian subcontinent and getting rid of the vestiges of Alexander's invasion, he continues to have inner struggles about the path he has chosen. Manu, the other seeker, is an elite warrior in the Mauryan Army but ends up becoming a seeker of Truth at a young age. Disappointed in love, he tries to find answers to his spiritual questions first as a Buddhist monk and later as a Sadhu. In this story, the author takes the reader the intriguing journey of the two seekers as they finally overcome Māya to reach Moksha (emancipation), but was it the path specified by The Enlightened One or was it God Himself?

This is a novel about Empire building and God Consciousness with a love story intertwined between the two.


"One of the most interesting facets of The Courtesan and the Sadhu ….. is that apart from being an absorbing story, the book subtly teaches the readers about Hindu theology and scriptures. Written in the deceptively simple style characteristic of American writing, Satya Avatar effectively communicates the anger, insecurity, adventure, pains, fears, and wonderment (experienced by) the characters of the story. …… This book would be highly useful to all those people who wish to learn about Hinduism and its philosophy."

- SalaamNamaste Magazine, January 2009.

"This is a fascinating story set in ancient India, conveying timeless truths that speak to readers from all cultures of our twenty-first century world. A delightful read indeed!"

- Ruben L.F. Habito, Professor of World Religions and Spirituality, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

"...The book is accessible to readers of all levels and serves as a lively cultural introduction to South Asia. A delight for the reader who is seeking something both different and substantive."

- Robert C. Wigton, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL.

"My daughter sent 'The Courtesan and the Sadhu' to me. I have found it profoundly interesting in culture and particularly in history. The struggles and debates within and those whom are on the outside of the four Varnas is very interesting. I am looking forward to your next book."

- Pete Seymour, Dallas, Texas.

"...'The Courtesan and the Sadhu' is a delightful read. ... it is written in a crisp and clear style with a gripping narrative. After I finished each chapter, I couldn't wait to turn to the next one."

- Shivaprasad Nagaraj, Washington D.C.

"I love your book and have recommended it to many friends at church."

- Nancy S., Bellevue, Nebraska.

"I really did enjoy 'The Courtesan and the Sadhu' and found it to be interesting. I especially liked the parts about Sharada and Chitralekha and thought you really developed their roles; you must be, or I must be, a romantic at heart!"

- Cathie Reisler, Dallas, Texas.

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