The Illustrated Bulfinch's Mythology


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Author  Thomas Bulfinch
Publisher  Rampart Software Development
Publication Date   May 4, 2009
Pages  380


Rediscover the stories you loved as a child, and experience "Bulfinch's Mythology" as you never have before - illustrated with the world's greatest artworks inspired by those myths. They're all here: Prometheus and Pandora, Venus and Adonis, Cupid and Psyche, Echo and Narcissus, Apollo, Midas, Proserpine, the Medusa, the Golden Fleece, Achilles, Paris and Helen, Ulysses, Thor, King Arthur, Merlin, Guenevere, Sir Launcelot, the Lady of Shalott, Tristam and Isoude, Sir Galahad, Charlemagne, and Robin Hood. Included are paintings and sculpture by Rubens, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Botticelli, Edmund Blair Leighton, Frederick Burton, Sir Frank Dicksee and Francesco Hayez. The "Illustrated Bulfinch's Mythology" contains paintings and sculptures which portray both the male and female forms. It is therefore not intended for younger or sensitive readers.

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