Alien Invasion


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Author  Rich Anders
Publisher  NEW ERA Publishing
Publication Date   March 14, 2009
Pages  227


Alien Invasion combines known facts with conjecture to present a coherent picture of ancient times, which could have been a reality when gods lived on this planet.
5800 years ago all of a sudden civilization erupted in five locations: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Central and South America, The Indus Valley and Japan. Temples, pyramids and other spiritual structures like Zigguraths in Mesopotamia were built. Agriculture was introduced to support a rapidly
growing population, which was taught to attend to the needs of the gods, the invaders from outer space, who dominated and controlled humans with the most effective tool for mass manipulation: religions. Mankind suddenly was on its way to a speedy evolution directed and controlled by its masters, the gods.
Approximately 3500 years ago the Mediterranean island of Thera, now called Santorini, erupted in the most violent volcanic explosion of the past 10,000 years, which blasted the island apart. When Acrotyri, the main settlement of this island, was discovered and excavated human remains nor any personal belongings were found. Obviously, the island had been evacuated. There was widespread destruction throughout the entire Mediterranean and after the catastrophe gods and deities had disappeared world wide. Something very dramatic had happened besides the volcanic eruption.
This book covers the time between the invasion of the gods approximately 5800 years ago to their disappearance about 2300 years later.
The gods did not know any nations. They were organized in 5 clans, which had animals as symbols:
- the Serpent Clan landed in Egypt
- the Bull Clan landed in Mesopotamia
- the Eagle Clan landed in the Philippines but moved over the Pacific Ocean to Peru
- the Tiger Clan landed in the Indus Valley
- the Dragon Clan landed in Japan.
In these areas these animals still are symbols of divinity.
The clans of the gods were bitter enemies but initially they were too busy getting established to meet other clans in physical confrontations. However, they prepared their assaults on other clans by spiritual means. – This needs an explanation:
The gods used spirituality as their favorite weapon. They established spiritual patterns, which in due time resulted in events in the physical realm. The gods knew that the rival clans were using the same methods. Many structures from ancient time, which really nobody knows what they served for,
were erected for the purpose of establishing spiritual patterns meant to ensure the spiritual dominance of one’s clan. The gods also knew that their spiritual patterns had to literally carry more weight than those of the other clans to succeed.
To explain the foregoing paragraph the example how the Egyptian Serpent clan gained spiritual superiority over all the other clans on this planet is going to be explained:
The core of the Serpent clan’s spiritual programming was the pyramid complex at Giza. These were the heaviest structures on this planet but there was more. These pyramids are arranged in the same patterns as the stars in Orion’s belt. The surrounding pyramids are arranged in the same pattern as the other stars of the Orion constellation and the whole complex was built in the same pattern these stars had with respect to the Milky Way. Furthermore, the whole pyramid system was arranged in a way as to have the river Nile occupy a location, which corresponded to the Milky Way galaxy in the night sky.
As described above, the Serpent clan incorporated the spiritual weight of the stars into their spiritual equation. This method outweighed, for instance, the Eagle clan’s method, which incorporated the spiritual weight of the Sun and the Moon into their spiritual equation as established at Teotihucan in Mexico by the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.
Like in the above example throughout the entire book known facts and conjecture are being combined to present a possible scenario of the history of this plane

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