An Index of Names in Indian Mythology


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Author  William G. Davey
Publication Date   February 22, 2009
Pages  1793


The Indo Europeans are defined by a common group of languages that extend, as the name implies, from India to Ireland. The languages include the many Hindu and other Indian languages, that of the Persians, the Kurds, Armenians, the extinct Hittites, and the languages of Europe excluding Basque, Hungarian, and Finnish. Among these peoples extensive mythologies have survived in Indian, Persian, Greek, Norse or Germanic, Irish, and Welsh. Our studies have analyzed all of these six mythologies collectively and to a depth that far exceeds all previous studies. Our result is that we have shown that all of these mythologies are derived from the histories of seven members of six generations of one family, the “Family of the Gods”. These histories are most completely preserved in Indian mythology and religion. In Indian terms they extend from Brahma to Krishna.

The Indian accounts are uniquely valuable and are indeed essential to understanding all of the mythologies. In particular we find that links to India can be found in each of the other five mythologies but links between the others are less frequent. However Indian mythology is not only vast in its extent but the Indo European elements are immersed in a huge number of writings and solely Indian religious works. As a result we have been obliged to construct the present dictionary to disentangle and analyze the frequently discordant data.

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