Andean Art at Dumbarton Oaks, Volume I


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Author  H Lechtman, Richard Burger, Lucy Salazar-Burger, Donald Proulx Christopher DonnanAnn Rowe, Janice Williams, John Rowe, William Conklin, Anita Cook, Mary Frame,Alana Collins, Anne Paul Elizabeth Hill Boone
Publisher  Dumbarton Oaks Research Library Collection, Washington DC
Publication Date   November 22, 1996
Pages  320


Great oversized book on art and artifacts from Pre-Columbian South America - the Andes. 95 color illustrations / photographs of works of art and other objects - gold, metalworks, ceramics, terra cotta works, textiles, jewelry, pottery, musical instruments, jade, sculpture and other works. Sections on the art of the Nasca, Moche, Chavin, Inca, Central coast Huari Paracas, Peru, Lambaequ and other Pre-Columbian cultures. Includes a bibliography, maps, and chronology of the history of the area. Black cloth hardcover with illustrated dust jacket. 320 pages. Measures 9 1/2 by 12 inches. Interesting book, nicely illustrated.

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