Timeless Herbs for Timeless Beauty


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Publisher  PharmTao.com
Publication Date   December 28, 2008
Pages  28


Chinese herbal recipes can soften and moisturize the skin, remove wrinkles, prevent premature aging of the skin, and soothe chapped hands and feet. They can prevent skin dryness and cracking, and make the skin smooth and beautiful like jade. Some recipes can help prevent frostbite and chilblains during winter. Some can also be used for skin spots, acne and red nose syndrome. Some recipes are helpful for healing skin ulcers, anal fissure, skin burning, and skin infections. These recipes are selected and translated from ancient classical Chinese medicine books including Taiping Benevolent Prescriptions (Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang), Prescriptions for Caring All People (Pu Ji Fang), and Supplement to Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Pieces of Gold (Qian Jin Yi Fang). These recipes have been proven useful for hundreds of years by billions of people. Historical backgrounds of the recipes are introduced. Explanations in terms of Chinese medicine theories are provided for each recipe. Scientific studies of the herbal ingredients in each recipe are reviewed.

Table of Contents

2.Jade-Like Hand Cream
3.Moisturizing Hand Cream
4.Dr. Sun’s Anti-Aging Hand Cream
5.Aromatic Hand Soap
6.Herbal Relief for Chapped Hands
7.Chapped Skin Ointment
8.Chapped Skin Cream
9.Winter Hand Cream
10.Soaking Recipe for Chapped Skin
11.Preventive Herbal Care for Frostbite
12.Herbal Cream for Frostbite
13.Magic Recipe for Frostbite
14.Time-Tested Recipe for Frostbite


“This recipe can moisturize and soften the skin, remove wrinkles, and soothe chapped skin….”

“This recipe can moisturize the skin, clear heat, and smooth wrinkles. It removes toxic materials, swelling, and skin spots. It is used to protect the hand and make the skin as beautiful as jade… This recipe can also be used for skin spots, acne and red nose syndrome….”

“The whole recipe can soften and moisturize the skin and prevent skin dryness and cracking….”

“This recipe can soften and moisturize the skin. It can help protect hand skin and prevent premature aging of the skin....”

“… is commonly used for skin problems including acne and red nose syndrome. It is also a moisturizer and good for chapped hands….”

“… has antibacterial effects and is used for psoriasis. It has antioxidative activity…”

“… can stop bleeding, remove necrotic tissues, and promote healthy tissue growth. It has astringent and antiphlogistic activities. It is often used for skin ulcers, anal fissure, chapped skin, skin burning, and skin infections….”

“This recipe can be used to moisturize the skin, soothe chapped skin, frostbite, or chilblains….”

“It is good for chapped hands and feet in cold weather….”

“This recipe can help prevent frostbite and chilblains….”

“… has antibacterial effects. It can stop bleeding, and lower the blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It is also an antioxidant….”

“It was recorded in ancient books that ‘this formula has magic effects for frostbite’ within three days….”

“This is a time-tested recipe that has been found effective for serious frostbite and chilblains ….”

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