Timeless Herbs for Timeless Beauty


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Publisher  PharmTao.com
Publication Date   December 24, 2008
Pages  29


Herbal recipes for mouth and tooth care are to clean the mouth, remove bad breath odor, strengthen the teeth, improve oral health, and prevent and heal oral diseases. Some of the recipes can be used for relieving gum swelling and pain, and toothaches. Some can help remove tooth stains and are good for teeth whitening. To remove bad breath, aromatic herbs are usually used. These recipes are selected and translated from ancient classical Chinese medicine books including Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu), Medical Secrets of An Official (Wai Tai Mi Yao), and Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Pieces of Gold (Qian Jin Yao Fang). These recipes have been proven useful for hundreds of years by billions of people. Historical backgrounds of the recipes are introduced. Explanations in terms of Chinese medicine theories are provided for each recipe. Scientific studies of the herbal ingredients in each recipe are reviewed.

Table of Contents

2.Emperor Guangxu’s Mouthwash Recipe
3.Mouth-Freshening Tea
4.Dr. Sun’s Aromatic Mouthwash
5.Freshening Mouthwash
6.Mouthwash for Bad Breath
7.Mouthwash Oral Care
8.Secret Mouthwash Recipe
9.Aromatic Herbal Tea
10.Aromatic Cream for Bad Breath
11.Dr. Yan’s Aromatic Herbal Pills
12.Imperial Recipe for Strengthening Teeth
13.Herbal Tooth Powder for Strengthening Teeth
14.Herbal Teeth Whitener


“This recipe was used by Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty.… It is used for gum swelling and pain, and skin problems including eczema…. It is used externally for toothaches….”

“This recipe can help freshen the breath and remove bad breath….”

“It can help remove bad breath, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean….”

“It is used for toothaches and gum diseases. It can help remove bad breath and prevent oral diseases….”

“It is an aromatic herb that can help remove bad breath. It can… improve the blood circulation, and promote oral health….”

“This recipe can improve the blood circulation,… and alleviate swelling. It is good for removing bad breath and promoting oral health….”

“This recipe is for removing bad breath. It can also help stop diarrhea….”

“This recipe can help remove bad breath and quench thirst….”

“It was recorded that this was originally a family secret recipe. The original author wrote that his mother was over 80 but never lost a tooth because of having routinely used this recipe. The whole recipe can… improve the blood circulation, and has detoxification effects….”

“This recipe can be used to remove tooth stains and is good for teeth whitening….”

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