Timeless Herbs for Timeless Beauty


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Publisher  Pharmtao.com
Publication Date   December 22, 2008
Pages  26


The loss of clear eyesight is one of the signs of aging. Brightening the eyes is considered an important part of keeping healthy beauty in Chinese medicine. Different from modern methods such as using surgery, Chinese medicine tries to maintain the natural beauty through promoting health. Herbal recipes for eye care can adjust Qi (vital energy), blood, Yin, and Yang of the human body to keep bright eyes. These herbs can help soothe and refresh eyes, remove corneal opacity, improve eyesight, and prevent eye diseases. They are very helpful for weary and aging eyes, and red and puffy eyes. Some recipes can help remove dark circles around the eyes. These recipes are selected and translated from ancient classical Chinese medicine books including Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu), Medical Secrets of An Official (Wai Tai Mi Yao), and Prescriptions for Caring All People (Pu Ji Fang). These recipes have been proven useful for hundreds of years by billions of people. Historical backgrounds of the recipes are introduced. Explanations in terms of Chinese medicine theories are provided for each recipe. Scientific studies of the herbal ingredients in each recipe are reviewed.

Table of Contents

2.Imperial Eye Rinse Recipe
3.Clear Eyesight Recipe
4.Eye Nourishing Method
5.Eye-Brightening Shampoo
6.Herbal Recipe for Bright Eyes
7.Secret Eye Drop Recipe for Clear Eyesight
8.Herbal Eye Pillow
9.Herbal Liquid for Red Eyes
10.Herbal Relief for Red Eyes
11.Herbal Eye Pack
12.Secret Recipe for Puffy Eyes


“The original book said that ‘this formula is very good for old eyes.’ Some current resources suggest that using … to rinse eyes can help prevent aging of the eyes, and may improve eyesight….”

“This method is for protecting the eyes, preventing eye diseases, and improving eyesight….”
“… can help improve the blood circulation, protect the eyes, promote good eyesight, and alleviate eye strain. This recipe is designed to work through the scalp and hair and affect the eyes indirectly….”

“This recipe is for healing eye problems. It can be used for red, itchy, painful, puffy, or irritated eyes….”

“It is good for maintaining eye health and relieving eye problems including slight corneal opacity, eye inflammation, and eye puffiness…. It is used for conjunctivitis….”

“… can improve the blood circulation, … and relieve red and puffy eyes. The eye pillow is designed to relax the eyes and enhance the effects….”

“This recipe can be used for healing red and puffy eyes, and removing dark circles around the eyes….”

“This recipe is for healing red eyes, especially those after waking up….”

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