Dancing In Your Bubble


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Author  Teri J. Dluznieski M.Ed.
Publisher  CS
Publication Date   April 4, 2010
Pages  225


Practical Shamanic teachings to empower and simplify your daily life.

Everyone wants to find or create meaning, right? We all want to connect with our highest self, our guides, angels- whatever we choose to call it. The question is: How?

Dancing in Your Bubble- lays out information and exercises designed to guide you through the teachings that I learned over many YEARS of learning from the top Peruvian Spiritual teachers and shaman.

What if you just want to improve your own life? Then this book is for you! While it is based on powerful and ancient traditions, I have worked this information into formats to help every day people, make every day changes into ordinary regular lives. Because that is the essential part. to integrate new perspectives into plain ordinary every day life.

Dancing in Your Bubble, will teach you the basics of energy, healing and Andean spiritual practices. But it is laid out so you can choose your own pace, and learn in your own best styles. And all of the information and exercises can be done anywhere. You can do it in your own home, in your backyard. Even if you live in a city. No special tools required. Just a desire to improve your life, heal old wounds and patterns, and discover your gifts. Get Started now, and watch as your soul lights up, and miracles start to happen all around you.

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