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Author  Isabella DeCarlo
Publisher  Isabella DeCarlo
Publication Date   October 25, 2008
Pages  220


•Learn the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph Alphabet sound signs
•Learn 172 Hieroglyph Vocabulary words
•Learn 95 Hieroglyph Determinatives
•A total of 375 Quiz questions with answers to test and reinforce your knowledge
•Learn Pronunciation
•Learn Transliteration

Learn Hieroglyphs - Series 1 - Alphabet is the first in a series of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic TutorialLearn Anciens. With this first series you will be able to recognize the hieroglyphs comprising the ancient Egyptian alphabet, also known as the uniliteral hieroglyphs or the sound signs.
NOTE: These ebooks do NOT teach Grammar. There are many good books available that will teach you that.

Once you begin studying the hieroglyphs in this book, start looking at different hieroglyphic wall paintings, artifacts, literature, etc in museums, books, and so on and see how many you can recognize. Remember though that they could be written right to left (the most common way), left to right or vertically.
FYI: included in this tutorial are samples of actual hieroglyphs from monuments, paintings, tombs, etc. so you can view the various iterations of the hieroglyphs as written by the Ancient Egyptian Scribes.

Currently there are 5 tutorials in the Learn Hieroglyphs Series and they are:
•Series 1 – Alphabet: also called uniliterals which represent a single consonant sound hence the prefix uni in uniliterals
•Series 2 – Biliterals: - which are the result of combining 2 alphabet signs into one new hieroglyph
•Series 3 – Triliterals: - which are the result of combining 3 alphabet signs into one new hieroglyph
•Series 4 – Determinatives: - added to vocabulary words to determine exactly what that word meant
•Series 5 – The Sign List
•An additional ebook is now available - HIEROGLYPHIC DICTIONARY 3000 – containing over 3000 Hieroglyphic words with their English translations. English to Hieroglyphs; Hieroglyphs to English

If you find the hieroglyphs are too small for you to see well (which should not be the case) Kindle ereaders have a feature where you can enlarge graphic images directly. Just press the graphic and a + sign will appear. Select the + sign and the image will enlarge.

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