Ramesses the Great, an Exhibition at the... (Book published October


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Author  Tennessee City of Memphis
Publisher  Boston Museum of Science
Publication Date   October 16, 1988


In 1279 B.C., Egypt's last great warrior-pharaoh, Ramesses II, ascended the throne. The legacy of his 66-year reign can be found in the remarkable remains of his temples and palaces, statues and murals, jewelry and tools, preserved for over 3000 years by Egypt's shifting sands and hot, dry climate. Today, thanks to the painstaking work of archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scholars, we are able to view these exquisite artifacts in their historical and scientific contexts. As visitors to the Boston Museum of Science examine the objects on display, they too will act as archaeologists, first appreciating and then questioning in order to discover the fascinating stories that lie behind each piece. [From the Prefatory Material]