The Gorgon in Ancient Coinage - Coins Depicting...


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Author  Jerry Zayac
Publisher  Curioshop
Publication Date   August 20, 2018


This detailed wall map shows the extent of the Medusa Myth in the ancient world. Key Features: All historical references to the Medusa - Gorgon myth are detailed. The Map outlines the diverse cultures that produced imagery of the Medusa-Perseus Myth. Coin images from the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Phoenicians, and the Eastern Greek Kingdoms that developed after Alexander the Great are included. Over eighty coin photographs from different cities are shown. All coins are labeled with the date, denomination and region of origin. Over eight-hundred years of coins are represented, from the Greeks early depictions in the 6th century BC, to Roman provincial representations in the late third century A.D. Insight into the extensive geographical locations the story of Medusa had prevailed throughout the ancient world, displaying the prevalence of Gorgoneion coinage from the British Isles to present day Ukraine. The detail and information provided is the result of extensive research and historical scrutiny. The images of Medusa show the wide-range interpretations of the myth. Historical, as well as geographical changes are evident as time passes and different regions of the world produce their own concepts of her appearance. Detailed Features Presented on the Map: The map highlights the major regions of the ancient world. Coins overlaid upon a high definition topographical map. Printed on 80# thick paper with a protective glossy coating. Easily understood sidebars and graphics give detail into the prevalence of the legend in the ancient world. Four sidebar maps are provided, displaying Britain's Celtic images of Medusa, Triskeles (Three legged circular symbol) representations of Medusa in Sicily, Greek heartland-additional city mints of Medusian coinage and the Triumphal Perseus holding Medusa's head, a common theme from southern Anatolia. Size of map 38 inches by 23 inches is perfect for framing.

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