Faith & Freedom


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Author  Tom Terry
Publisher  Tom Terry
Publication Date   October 20, 2005
Pages  152


Is the Great Commission apolitical? The modern missionary movement focuses on personal and group evangelism, straining to avoid political ties. Yet, historically missions work was often facilitated by political powers.

Now, in the era when political freedom has seen its greatest advantage and missions is moving farther away from its historic partner, many disciples of missionaries are transforming their countries through new political movements, facilitated by their faith.

"Faith & Freedom" traces the roots of modern democracy to Christian theological movements and follows the trail back to the present where missions may be taking a new turn—abandoning the concepts of political freedom it founded. Faith & Freedom will give you a wide perspective on the role of the missionary principle through history, and why missionaries may be the most important front-line force for the global advancement of freedom and democracy.

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