The Gold of Carre-Shinob- History, Treasure Hunting-...


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Author  Kerry Ross and Lisa Lee Boren
Publication Date   October 16, 1999


Utah Historian, Kerry Boren, claims to have found the grandest of all Mother Lodes--a hidden cavern inside a monster gold nugget, where Montezuma hid the bigger part of his treasure from Hernando Cortez. The pieces to this fantastic puzzle came together while Boren was studying ancient maps and unpublished journals. Boren's incredible search led him to a remote Uintah Mountain treasure cavern, cursed by the Aztecs and guarded by the Ute Indians--where Brigham Young got the gold to mint coins and decorate temples. Kerry Boren has solved the mystery of the lost Rhoades Mine, and now published for the first time the details of his search for all to read. Boren believes this remarkable, true story will change the way Utah history is perceived and taught for the next thousand years.

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