Qi Gong


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Author  Natalia Foley
Publisher  Liberty Soldier
Publication Date   October 22, 2017


This lecture is designed for all students of Oriental Medicine Medical Schools, as well as for any one who is interested in Oriental Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Being an art of self-training both body and mind as well as sending forth external qi, qigong, created by the Chinese people in the long process of life, labour and fight against diseases, has the functions of preventing and cur¬ing diseases, protecting and strengthening health and prolong¬ing life. It is one of the gems in the treasure-house of China's cultural heritage as well as a component part of traditional Chinese medicine. This audio course is designed for everyone who is interested in qigong and would like to understand better its deep meaning and practice. This course will lead you step-by-step through the most important topics of qigong, including specific moves, teaching you to use these moves to benefit your spirit and health. TOPICS COVERED: Theoretical Basis of Qigong; Qigong and the Channels and Collaterals; Qigong and the Viscera; The Influence of Qigong on the Neuromuscular System; Orifices Commonly Used in Qigong; The Three Key Elements of Qigong; The Regulation of Breathing in Qigong; Six Principles of Qigong Derogation; Time and Direction of Qigong Derogation; The Effects of Qi; The Qigong Therapist's Effects of Qi Sensa¬tion; The Patient's Effects of Qi Sensation; Nine Points for Attention ; Points for Attention Before the Training Practice; Points for Attention During the Training Practice; Points for Attention when the Training; Practice Closes; Points for Attention for Those Emitting; External Qi; Maneuvers of Qigong; Static Qigong; Relaxation ; Inner-Nourishing ; Heavenly Circuit ; Heavenly Circuit Self-Rotation ; Reversing- Tang ; Gathering Sun Essence and Moon Cream ; Six-Character Formula; Dynamic Qigong

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