The Histories of Herodotus - Volumes I...


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Author  Herodotus
Publisher  MacMay
Publication Date   December 30, 2007
Pages  624


A very entertaining book full of amusing stories antidotes and observations. Some true and some Mythical. So much more then a history book its really a historical novel as the author invented dialogue for the historical figures. Its for this reason that the text is sometimes called -The Book of Lies- by more exacting historians.. this book is the first History book. In fact we get the word history from this book. The Greek writer Herodotus traveled all over the ancient world and collected stories, tales and fables from Greece and Egypt. This is the main source of the last stand at Thermopoly by the 300 Spartans. This is the original story of the -Boy on the Dolphin-. This is the book that was being read by the Gregory Fines in the movie The English Patient

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