Sappho of Lesbos (Book published October 22, 2019)


Book Details

Author  Arthur Weigall
Publisher  Frederick A. Stokes
Publication Date   October 22, 2019


Hardcover, brown cloth with gilt lettering, gilt illustration on front cover. 8vo, 1st Edition, ix, 328 pages, b/w illustrations. From the Preface: "Every known fragment of Sappho's poetry is quoted in full in this book, these quotations being scattered throughout the text but printed so as to be easily distinguishable." The author gives some account of Sappho's contemporaries and of the Greek world of her time. The Greek poetess was born circa 612 B.C.E. at Eresos on the island of Lesbos and spent most of her life in Mytilene. Although commonly in the publich mind with lesbian love, she was married, had a daughter, and the familiar story of her love for Phaon and suicide by leaping into the sea from the Leucadian cliff is a later fabrication