The Saga of the Jomsvikings (Book published February 17, 1962


Book Details

Author  N.F. Blake
Publisher  Thomas Nelson and Sons
Publication Date   February 17, 1962
Pages  56


The Jomsvikings were a famous band of vikings who lived together as a community and raided extensively in the lands surrounding the Baltic. Their home, Jomsborg, was according to the saga founded by a certain Palna-Toki. After his death Sigvaldi became the leader of the Jomsvikings. He kidnapped King Sveinn of Denmark and forced him to marry Burisleifr, one of the daughters of the Wendish king. In revenge, Sveinn invited the Jomsvikings to a banquet and tricked them into fighting a campaign against Earl Hakon of Norway, in which they were badly defeated at the battle of Hjorungavagr. Though there is little real historical basis for the events narrated in the saga, they are recounted in so graphic a style that they command the reader's suspension of disbelief and the tale moves rapidly through a series of striking adventures. The Jomsvikinga Saga is extant in four Icelandic versions and in one Latin translation. The text is printed in this series wirt translation, introduction and annotations. Mr N.F. Blake is Lecturer in English Language and Philology in the University of Liverpool.