A manual of ancient history, from the earliest...


A manual of ancient history, from the earliest times to the fall of the Western empire: Comprising the history of ChaldÃ|a, Assyria, Media, Babylonia, ... Persia, Greece, Macedonia, Rome, and Parthia

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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Harper & brothers
Publication Date   October 20, 1881
Pages  580


The work here given to the public has been contemplated by the Author for several years. The Handbach of Professor Heeren, originally published in 1799, and corrected by its writer up to the year 1828, is, so far as tie knows, the only modern work of reputation treating in a. compendious form the subject of Ancient History generally. Partial works, i, e., works embracing portions of the field, have been put forth more recently, as, particularly, the important Manuel of M, Lenormant {M anuel dkistoire ancienne de VO rient jusqu aux guen-es Mediques. Paris, 1868-9; 3vols. 12nio). But no work with the scope and on the scale of Professor Heeren shas, so far as the present writer is aware, made its appearance since 1828. That work itself, in its English dress, is, he believes, out of print; and it is one, so great a portion of which has become antiquated by the progress of historical criticism and discovery, that it can not now be recommended to the student, unless with large reserves and numerous cautions. Under these circumstances, it seemed to the present writer desirable to replace the plandbuch of Heeren by aM anual conceived on the same scale, extending over the same period, and treating (in the main) of the same nations. Heeren sH and-book always appeared to him admirable in design, and, considering the period at which it was written, excellent in execution.
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