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Author  Jean-Claude Margueron
Publisher  World Publishing
Publication Date   September 22, 1965
Pages  211


Series prepared under the direction of Jean Marcade, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Bordeaux. Mesopotamia provides a first class example of the way in which archaeology has advanced historical studies, both in supplying fresh written souces and in revealing unknown perspectives of the first ages of civilization; moreover, the invention of agriculture, the advent of metal an the discovery of writing are among the most stirring events in the epic of humanity. It also affords a splendid example of the progress made by archaeological methods and aims. The special stratigraphy of the Mesopotamian mounds and the many difficulties involved in clearing clay buildings have greatly contributed to more highly disciplined methods of excavation. And the importance of the discoveries in the Land of the Two Rivers has surely earned the so-called "auxiliary" science recognition in its own right.

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