Materials and studies for Kassite history...


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Author  J. A Brinkman
Publisher  Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Publication Date   October 23, 1976


More than 12,000 documents survive from the Kassite period (c 1595-1155 BCE), and less than 10% of them have been published. Volume I takes the first step toward organizing this large body of material by dividing the dates texts, published and unpublished, into chronological groups. Volume I is divided into 4 principal parts: I Introduction, II Catalogue of Sources, III Indices to the Catalogue, and IV Publication of Miscellaneous Texts. It concludes with 4 appendices, principally on chronological subjects. In the Introduction, the author discusses the scope of the Catalogue, the chronology of the Kassite dynasty, the chronological, geographical, and typological distribution of the catalogue sources, and the type of history or histories of the Kassite period that may be expected to result from further studies of the available materials.

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